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Restaurant Business is tracking the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry. Please check back often for round-the-clock updates.


Texas governor shuts down bars, rolls back restaurant capacity to 50%

Gov. Greg Abbott is trying to stem the surge of coronavirus cases in his state.

Consumer Trends

Consumers largely in favor of masks, survey finds

Restaurant and bar customers support operators who enforce mask compliance.

States start to reopen dining rooms

After a nearly nationwide shutdown to curb COVID-19, states are beginning to lift restrictions on restaurants. RB will update this map with the latest information.


10 days that changed the restaurant industry

For much of March, the threat of COVID-19 grew as the infection spread. On March 11, that problem became very real for thousands of restaurant operators and millions of employees, beginning a 10-day period unlike anything the industry has ever seen. The business may never be the same.

Emerging Brands

The Burgerim disaster

Burgerim was once one of the hottest, fastest-growing brands in the U.S. Then its founder left the country, leaving behind a wreckage of unpaid workers, bankrupt franchisees and others struggling to make it work.

Recent Stories

CEC Entertainment said it filed for bankruptcy protection to stop those actions. RB’s The Bottom Line explains why this might be a sign of things to come.

Yum Brands announced a global initiative to improve opportunities for frontline restaurant workers and improve equality.

The crisis has provided a unique opportunity to review some practices and approaches, according to Gene Lee, the CEO of Darden Restaurants. Here are some of the insights he says the company has gleaned.

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CEC Entertainment, which also owns Peter Piper Pizza, is the latest casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Half of those are permanent. At first glance, the figure is smaller than earlier estimates.

With coronavirus rates continuing to surge, some operators are shutting down before their employees or customers test positive.

The former chief of Olive Garden, LongHorn and Capital Grille has been instrumental in the casual-dining giant's success.

While kitchen staff are usually removed from guests, face coverings are still key to preventing spread, Advice Guy says.

The drive-thru restaurant chain may have been built for a pandemic, but it wasn’t ready for one, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

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