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22 February 2009

2inn1 kensington

2 inn 1 is twice the fun!

we come across this south african jewel, in all places, at tripadvisor.the patrons make it sound delicious - a hidden gem in the glam city of cape town, well situated.they promise vistas to lion's head and the iconographic table mountain.
could it be?

yes, it is so.when i call to enquire about availability, months in advance, klaus is kind, responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.nothing is too much, even for this inquiring mind.rooms are booked, the entire process so easy and effortless - and eventually learn this is indicative of klaus and his partner chris, as well as the entire 'mother city'.

hospitality is one thing.but good design too? modern, crisp, warm - not ice cold.we finally arrive, nineteen hours hurtling through space across the ocean.there it is, a beacon of light color, right across from the green open space which characterizes this tony neighborhood (is it oranjezicht?is it higgovale?).no matter, it's lovely.klaus is there, immediately to greet us.not to bother with the carry-ons ... please sit down and have a glass of wine and some snacks ... perhaps some fruit juices for the children?lounge, relax, we'll get the bags settled, please enjoy the views.stunning!

we are living in the lap of intelligent design.everything is how it should be - the right materials, the right orientations to capture the landscape and the late fading light.the pool is long and narrow, nestled between low slung buildings, manicured vegetation, handsome lounge furniture.upon finishing our refreshments, we venture to our rooms - crisp, inviting, large, with enormous rain head shower, slick double sink ... everything is perfect!your own mobile phone to use while you're a guest.complimentary 'sundowners' - wines and juices, savory snacks - each day.this not only refreshes and sets the mood for late dinners at cape town's beautiful restaurants ... it gives all the guests the opportunity to mingle, chat, and get to know each other.a 'salon' of sorts, all under the attentive guise of klaus, chris, and their gentle, warm, intelligent, and thoughtful staff.

the days pass - too quickly!we grow used to our delicious breakfasts (would you care for an omelette?).our tiered café lattés in tall, thin glasses beacon to us.delicious breads, cheeses, spreads, meats; oh, it's all too much.we enjoy it all, with zeal, out by the pool each morning, or in the cool, slick lime green and oh-so-white breakfast room.the evenings too are special, beyond that unique and friendly 'sundowner' time ... for when everyone convenes after their respective dinner, we congregate for more exchanges and discussion in the lounge - kenneth, ever smiling and gracious, tops off our glasses and has a kind, gentle soul.eric - there to great us each evening as we pull up in the beloved silence - also divine.

there is nothing that is too much trouble for our dear friends klaus and chris, who take this as their passion.to provide the most comfortable, well designed home-away-from-home.to engage their guests - and do whatever they can to make certain that all are comfortable, happy, relaxed.nothing is too much trouble, and they are always eager to help, drawing upon their vast knowledge of cape town.clearly, they love what they do - it shows in every detail, every word, every gesture.

what more can be said about 2inn1?nothing, but thank you for a generous and excellent vacation - and for the chance that our family has had to experience each other in this delightful environment.we'll be back!

12 February 2008

do you karkula?

thank you john erik - for your namesake store karkula!

back in the days, before this design haven moved (further) downtown, we were familiar with this lovely meatpacking district shop under the name of breukelen.rugs, sofas and textiles, fantastic paintings, and all that glitters artfully displayed for designers and consumers alike.

personalized service in an intimate setting ... john erik does not give the hard sell, instead preferring to let your fingers do the walking.and everything is tactile and comforting, easy to imagine in your own pad.we are particularly partial to the myriad of works produced by paola lenti - gorgeous.

take a walk down to walker and visit the new karkula in tribeca!

48 walker street 10013
212 645 2216

05 February 2008

marfa stewart

it's a long way to tipperary.

and for that matter, it's a long way to marfa, texas.home of chinati foundation showcasing the works of donald judd.ground zero for west texas art ... miles away from the venerable art institutions of fort worth and houston (oh, that cy twombly gallery - yum!).

experiencing marfa and getting there are two different things.we perennially talk about a weekend jaunt, only to be foiled by the sheer exhaustion and lack of options in getting there - which incidentally is NOT half the fun.get to the airport, shoes off, surly service, fly to somewhere else (dallas? houston? atlanta?), take the airport monorail or conveyor, shoes off, surly service, then onto el paso.carryons to the hertz shuttle, rent the car, drive three hours, and voila - you're at the thunderbird motel!now that wasn't so bad, was it?

it really seems like the impossible dream, which i suppose for some sums up the inherent charm of going to the middle of nowhere.but really, not for the weekend.try to get in a night at dia's lightning fields (just try, i say!), and maybe a drive through big bend?how about popping into mesilla, truth or consequences, or even white sands?there's lots to do in the 'hood, if you can only get there!

hoping to see me in marfa soon.

13 November 2007

studio job

cake of peace is no piece of cake, although it may ensconce one very nicely.

about a year ago, whilst bumming around amsterdam with my crew, we had the pleasure of venturing through the dutch design shop frozen fountain.a moss-like store, albeit without the slickness of the greene street temple, frozen fountain delivers.a host of modern makers based in the netherlands can be found at this prisengracht institution - a perfect locale, canal-side, for those of us venturing towards werck for lunch, anne frank house, or kitsch kitchen for the mexican-inspired funk.

studio job is well represented at frozen fountain.their bisque collection of art pieces/homewares are both timely and exquisitely crafted.based on tongue-in-chic interpretations of more stoic themes, while relishing clever play on words, the items are really an example of northern european ingenuity (with a presence in both holland and belgium, which, given the current political crisis, may soon be wed!).

i suppose their work is appropriate at any point in history, not just this one.given man's propensity for war, coupled with the natural human desire to eat sweets, cake of peace really whets the appetite.

available through unica home and moss in the unites states.


06 November 2007


okay, i have a guilty confession.
mysteriously, we have been receiving copies of W magazine.although perfect for sculpting one's biceps with it's meaty dimensions, this previously unknown to me glamor rag has gone unread.

until this morning.

i found myself flipping through the pages of the lindsay-splashed november issue ... must the negative ions in the air.and lo and behold, i was really surprised to find that i like this issue!not one to pick up a book - i did read a couple by jhumpa lahiri - the large format pages of this publication suit me just fine!

chuck close, the newly svelte marc jacobs at home in paris, richard prince - even a story about monsieur sarkozy (fluff) - kind of fun morning latté drinking accompaniment.

i like the paper, i like the format, i like the justified type ...

the art issue of w - why not?


03 November 2007


just back from across the universe - fantastic!unbelievable sound, cinematography, visuals, graphics - a tour de force and a feast for the eyes ...

after being traumatized by miss saigon 15 years ago, i swore off any form of musical.so when jane suggested this movie this morning over lattés, i kindly declined.multiple beatles songs as a theme for a film was not at all compelling.

however, when our friends jeff & rochelle likewise thought it would be great - i relented.our plans for the evening had fallen through, so it was either stay home with our offspring (no!!!) watching bbc, or go to the movies.

really inspiring to see something that is not pure rubbish on the big screen - inspired, loose, well executed, and just downright cool.take your rambo, the equivalent of celluloid mcdonalds, and give me something like this anytime!

superb ...


01 November 2007

meier lemons

when life gives you lemons - well, what's wrong with lemons anyhow?

many thanks to renny - this past sunday he gave andi and i an impromptu tour of the very-white office of richard meier.andi, a budding architect in the making (much to my horror!) was captivated - he really gets scale, design, and construction, even at the tender age of ten (i do believe that he's more 3-d than me!).

renny toured us through the models, and showed andi a new project going up in israel - very cool, and timely since we were there at the end of the summer.he really enjoyed it, and frankly, so did i - it was great to be back in the office where i completed my architectural apprenticeship.i even had pangs ... working together with others on a daily basis, quite different from what i do now (soufflés aside!).

fun -