Find Internships and Entry Level Jobs at Federal Government, State Government
and Fortune 500 Companies Nationwide is a website dedicated to helping students and recent graduates find internships and entry level jobs in the federal government, state governments and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

We provide you numerous internship listings as well as a wealth of resources and information to make your internship search easier. Also we are constantly looking for new and better resources for our users.

This is a user friendly site: easy-to-access, easy-to-operate and provides you with instant up to date information.

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Federal Government Internships - A great way to start a career in Federal government. some Federal agencies have developed agency-specific programs.

State Government Internships - If you're interested in a challenging, rewarding work experience and knowledge, State government Internship Programs may be just what you're looking for.

Fortune 500 Companies Internships - The largest corporations in the U.S. are seeking motivated and talented young people to join their companies and offer a wide variety of internship opportunities.

College Internship - Aside from a college degree, real life experience is the key to succeeding in today's job market. But you may be asking yourself how you can gain this "real life experience" - the answer is simple: internships!

Internships help you gain knowledge about general work functions and learn more about industries and fields that may be of interest to you. Many times an internship will allow you to explore and create work experiences tailored to your specific interests and goals.


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