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Slog PM: Proud Boy Arrested, Goodbye Dixie, Hello Climate Pledge

That rink is rainwater, baby!
That rink is rainwater, baby! Courtesy NHL Seattle

Meet the... Climate Pledge Arena: Amazon has bought the naming rights to the (RIP) Key Arena, which will be home to Seattle's new NHL team. It's named after Amazon's Climate Pledge, which it announced last year.The Climate Pledge Arena promises to only offer recycling and compost (no trash bins!), and feature the "greenest ice in the world" that's "comprised of rainwater and refrigerants with no greenhouse gas emissions." Microsoft better buy the Cinerama and rename it the "Carbon Negative Cinema" if they want to keep up with the Bezoses.

A little reminder that Amazon's 1-day shipping is terrible for the environment and that Amazon fired tech workers who criticized the company’s warehouse workplace conditions.

Housekeeping: I'm sorry that this PM is up slightly later than usual. We've been stuck in Stranger Election Control Board meetings all week—this time around, they're all being conducted over Zoom. The bad part about having endorsement meetings over Zoom is we don't get bribed with treats and booze. The good part is I can interview Frank Chopp without leaving my bed. (Our endorsements will drop here on the Slog once ballots come and stuff our boxes in the middle of July.)

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I'm Gay for CBD

Just feeling that stress-free LGBT CBD gummy...
Just feeling that stress-free LGBT CBD gummy... electravk/gettyimages.com

The usefulness of a CBD gummy will make perfect sense to those who are familiar with the distinctly different states induced by THC and CBD. The former can loosen and mellow the root of being, the ultimate target of a psychoactive drug; but a bad trip can easily make one tense and paranoid. The latter, in its pure form, never does anything but calm and soothe the root of one's being.

You also do not lose contact with the world outside. Buildings do not seem sentient, clouds do not take the shape of fantastic animals, the ground remains beneath your feet. CBD provides a kind of reassurance that you will not find in THC. And it is for this reason Out & About, a new Southern California business enterprise, is committed to this particular phytocannabinoid. The feeling that our generally homophobic society is stretching your nerves to a breaking point can be relaxed within minutes by CBD.

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Christopher Frizzelle's Quarantine Book Club Presents: Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

A landmark of queer literature and one of the most daring artistic gestures of the twentieth century, James Baldwin's Giovanni’s Room is also an unflinching depiction of the dark sides of whiteness.

Fewer than 200 pages, this harrowing book will be read together over 4 weeks. You don't need to read any of it by the the first meeting. You'll be expected to read 2 chapters by the 2nd meeting.

Reserve your spot HERE

Capitol Hill Trader Joe's Crew Members Present Their Demands

Trader Joes Store 130 crew members stand outside their place of work, listing their demands this morning.
Trader Joe's Store 130 crew members stand outside their place of work, listing their demands this morning. JK
This morning, a group of twenty or so Trader Joe's Store #130 crew members gathered in front of the grocery chain's Capitol Hill location to present their demands to the public after corporate temporarily shut down the store two weeks ago, allegedly in retaliation for workers' participation in Black Lives Matter protests.

Trader Joe's recently told Capitol Hill Seattle Blog that it is "continuing to pay our crew members for their scheduled shifts." The store is set to reopen on July 1.

TJ's official line on the temporary closure was that yes, there were not enough workers to run the location, but the closure is related to construction, not protests. This group of workers has called this statement a "smokescreen."

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EverOut is Hiring!


EverOut / Bold Type Tickets is looking for a Digital Event Specialist to help support our growing roster of online events. This person will help get our clients set up in Zoom or other platforms before the event, monitor the event while it's going on, and manage any customer service issues that may come up. Read all about it here, and apply or pass it along!

Seattle Black Collective Voice Seeks to Reclaim the CHOP Narrative

Representatives from the black collective voices of CHOP.
Representatives from the Black collective voices of CHOP. Screenshot of Converge Media Press Conference

At a press conference Thursday afternoon,members of the Seattle Black Collective Voice from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) sought to "reclaim the narrative" of the area following a weekend of gun violence, slow police and fire responses to that violence, demands from the mayor and the police chief to leave the zone, and growing resistance to the protests from local businesses and apartment dwellers.

Naudia Miller, co-executive director of the Harriet Tubman Foundation for Safe Passage (HTFSP), presented survey results and read from a statement and took a few questions alongside her mom/HTFSP director Jesse Miller and Black Star Farmer Marcus Henderson.

Miller argued the East Precinct "was never the goal of the Black collective or the allies" at CHOP. She said the Seattle Police Department drew the zone's borderlines when they "terrorized" the neighborhood and the protesters who they had kettled on 11th and Pine for over a week.

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The Best Movies to Stream This Weekend in Seattle: June 25-28, 2020

Universal Pictures is making Spike Lees 1989 masterpiece Do the Right Thing rentable for free on Amazon, Google Play, and other streaming platforms for a whole week! On Thursday,?Lee will join the AFI Movie Club for a live conversation on YouTube.
Universal Pictures is making Spike Lee's 1989 masterpiece Do the Right Thing rentable for free on Amazon, Google Play, and other streaming platforms for a whole week! On Thursday,?Lee will join the AFI Movie Club for a live conversation on YouTube.

As you're winding down from your Pride celebrations this weekend, turn to our picks for noteworthy films and TV shows centering LGBTQ+ stories, like the iconic '80s documentary Paris Is Burning, about the 1980s drag ball scene in Harlem, or The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, about the legacy of the highly influential Stonewall-era trans activist. We've rounded them up below, along with other films streaming through both national platforms and local theaters like Northwest Film Forum, which is donating all proceeds this month to social justice organizations like the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network. Longing for the big screen? Check out our guide to drive-in movie theaters in the Seattle area, including one at Canlis, whose second round of screenings goes on sale this Friday at 3 p.m.

LGBTQ+ Picks for Pride Month

Boaz Yakin's expressive dance film explores the fluidity of gender through two characters, Eden and Aviva, who toggle?both mentally and physically?(each character is played by two different actors) between strong masculine and feminine identities. "The dancing is gutsy, sensual, uninhibited and a little too full of itself. Pride in frank eccentricity pushes at times into the unintentionally absurd. Still, it’s exciting how these dance sequences are treated like any other scene, and disappointing when the compulsion to justify them takes hold," reads a New York Times review.
Available via Northwest Film Forum

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Reading List: Queer and Trans Black Authors Through the Decades

Author Audre Lorde

In Notes of a Native Son, James Baldwin writes, “I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am, also, much more than that.” These words could be used to describe any LGBTQ+ writer, but perhaps best define queer Black authors living in America. This list below highlights a sampling of essential literature—everything from memoirs to science fiction—from Black LGBTQ+ writers over the past decades.

Real Life (2020) — Brandon Taylor
This new novel follows the story of a Black queer man who leaves Alabama to attend college in the Midwest, where he tangles with homophobia, racism, insecurity, and the pursuit of self-preservation.

Zami: A New Spelling of My Name (1982) — Audre Lorde
A peek into Lorde’s experience as a queer, working class Black woman living in New York City during the 1950s—all told in Lorde’s lush, poetic writing style.

No Ashes in the Fire (2018) — Darnell Moore
An honest, vulnerable memoir describing Moore’s life as gay Black boy coming of age in Camden, New Jersey during the crosshairs of the AIDS epidemic and the War on Drugs.

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The Stranger's Guide to Pride Weekend 2020 in Seattle and Around the World

Follow the lead of Miss Texas 1988 at last years Seattle Pride Parade and let us guide you through this weekends LGBTQ-centric activities!
Follow the lead of Miss Texas 1988 at last year's Seattle Pride Parade and let us guide you through this weekend's LGBTQ-centric activities! Timothy Kenney

Despite a global pandemic restricting most large gatherings from taking place (pour one out for the Doggie Drag Contest in Cal Anderson), big things are still happening for Pride weekend this year. That's because, in addition to virtual or otherwise public-health-conscious events happening in Seattle, Pride festival organizers from San Francisco to San Antonio to Dublin are also embracing the power of the internet. Read on for our guide to The Stranger's Pride events (like Gay Misérables), Seattle events (like the celebrity-packed Together For Pride and the IRL Capitol Hill Pride March and Taking B(l)ack Pride), and events from far-away places (like NYC Pride and Global Pride 2020 hosted by Todrick Hall). For more ideas, check out our roundup of Pride takeout & delivery specials (six-layer rainbow cake, anyone?) and our complete Pride calendar.

All events are online unless otherwise noted. Remember to wear a mask to all in-person events!


The mind-melting video compilation?extravaganza also known as?Collide-O-Scope will stream?obscure oddities from film, VHS, music videos, and other forms of media live on the internet. It's usually held on Mondays, but it'll make an exception this time to accommodate your Pride weekend wind-down.
Sun June 28

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Where to Find the Ghosts of Seattle's First Gayborhood

The intersection of Second and Washington, where the queer action used to be, is to the left and just above Smith Tower in this photo.
The intersection of Second and Washington, where the queer action used to be, is to the left and just above Smith Tower in this photo. Christopher Frizzelle

With Pride season upon us and businesses cautiously re-opening, now might be a nice time to spend some time in Seattle’s traditional gayborhood: The mudflats below the Deadline. Wait, where?

Long before Capitol Hill became the home of rainbow crosswalks, and before Renton Hill was briefly Seattle’s gay destination in the 1970s, Pioneer Square (as the mudflats are now known) was where all the seedy, secret, same-sex action happened. Seattle went through waves of moral freedom and moral panic, but for most of the city’s post-colonizer history, gay life was centered around Second Avenue and S. Washington Street.

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Slog AM: Seattle Sued by Capitol Hill Residents and Businesses, Fire in the C/ID, Supreme Court Sides with Trump

Some Capitol Hill residents and businesses are suing the city over their handling of Capitol Hill Organized Protest.
Some Capitol Hill residents and businesses are suing the city over their handling of Capitol Hill Organized Protest. JK
Despite intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in their county, some Yakima prisons guards are still not wearing masks: In the past week, 40 inmates have been diagnosed with COVID-19 at the Yakima County jail, causing some to worry about the health and safety of incarcerated people who are among the most vulnerable to infection.

Bill's Off Broadway is closing forever: CHS Blog has the scoop. Though they've weathered development waves and a two year construction hiatus, COVID-19 is what ultimately took out the beloved pizza place and sports bar. "We have loved being a piece of this vibrant community and are devastated to not be a part of it going forward," the restaurant wrote on Facebook. "Thank you for being part of our family."

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A Message to the City from Rachel Guyer-Mafune

Rachel Guyer-Mafune is an actor and singer and one of the stars of Gay Miserables, which is tomorrow—one night only!
Rachel Guyer-Mafune is a theater artist and one of the stars of Gay Misérables. Courtesy of Rachel Guyer-Mafune

Good morning. It's Thursday, June 25, and today's message comes from Rachel Guyer-Mafune, whose singing voice sounds like crushed angels, and whose heart and mind are fully in sync with this revolution.

"We cannot go back to sleep," Rachel says in her message this morning. "Work still needs to be done, and we need to use every last ounce of our heart, our love, our dedication, privilege, and energy in the work against anti-Black racism, police brutality, and the heinously corrupt capitalist system that we live under."

She goes on.

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Slog PM: Jamaal Bowman Declares Victory, WTF Is This "Official" CHOP Twitter Account?

CHOP is no longer in bloom. But is it over?
CHOP is no longer in bloom. But is it over? CB

CHOP's "BLM" made out of flowers has withered: It reeks of symbolism. Here's the structure at its most fragrant:

Its pretty quiet out there...
It's pretty quiet out there today... CB

Today an "Official Account" for CHOP (it's not an official account) announced that CHOP was dead: In the statement, the account also said that "we believe Jenny Durkan has stepped up" and that everyone should reelect Ms. Durkan and that Joe Biden represents revolutionary change. Wild. Click on the image below to see the whole statement:

Somehow, KOMO ran with the tweet as a story: They reiterated that "the CHOP is now concluded," based on this random tweet. (The story was then updated to remove the embedded tweet and back peddle their claims.) While it is certainly winding down and reorganizing to areas away from Cal Anderson, like specifically around the East Precinct, demonstrators disagree that any of this is over. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has a good overview of what went down last night.("There are fewer people but more worries at the camp as those who remain continue to try to win new gains by holding the space they occupy.") Omari Salisbury and Converge Media have also been interviewing people on the ground:

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Jeremy Christian Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole for 2017 Portland MAX Stabbings

Jeremy Christian at his sentencing trial Tuesday.
Jeremy Christian at his sentencing trial Tuesday. Dave killen / oregonian / pool photo

This story originally appeared on our sister publication The Portland Mercury's blog Blogtown, where you can find the latest updates on Portland's ongoing protests related to the killing of George Floyd.
Jeremy Christian has been sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for fatally stabbing Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, and wounding Micah Fletcher, on a Portland MAX train in 2017.

In February, Christian was found guilty of all 12 charges against him associated with those May 26, 2017 stabbings—which included intimidation crimes (Oregon's equivalent of a hate crime) for directing a racist rant at Walia Mohamed and Destinee Magnum, two Black teenagers who were also riding the MAX that day. The sentencing hearing began Tuesday, and Judge Cheryl Albrecht delivered Christian's sentence late Wednesday morning.

Before this week's hearing, it was expected that Christian would receive a sentence equivalent to a life behind bars—but it was less clear if would be granted the possibility of parole. Albrecht's decision takes away that possibility. Christian wasn't eligible for the death penalty because of recent legislation that greatly narrowed the death penalty's scope in Oregon.

Albrecht said the decision to deny Christian future parole came from her belief that Christian "cannot be rehabilitated," and that he has not shown remorse for the killings.

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The Markets Are Slowly Realizing That the Pandemic Will Block an Economic Rebound

Dont call this a comeback...
"Don't call it a comeback..." jmsilva/gettyimages.com

Here is the history of the pandemic markets. After crashing between the middle of February and the middle of March, the markets were reinflated by two forces. The first was the government, which bailed out several bankrupt corporations directly and indirectly. The second was the hope that the US would reopen and commit to a necro-economic regime (i.e. capital accumulation during a pandemic). Then, on June 11, the markets experienced a 7 percent collapse for two reasons. The first was grim economic news from the Fed, and the second was data that showed infections were increasing in certain key states: Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Arizona.

The markets, however, gradually regained some of the ground lost between June 11 and 12. The US appeared to have an unshaken resolve to reopen business, the coronavirus task force was a thing of the past, and the Fed was in no mood to stop pumping money into the markets.

But today, Wall Street was hit by reality yet again. The novel coronavirus refuses to go away, and the US's necro-economic determination is daily shaken by a surge in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Here's an "investor" quoted in the Washington Post article
"Dow tumbling "more than 700 points as surge in coronavirus cases rattles investors:"

“Just when it looks like the markets are shaking themselves free of coronavirus another bout of worry returns to put them on their back,” Russ Mould, investment director at AJ Bell, wrote in a note to investors.

The situation in Texas is so bad that one of the leading proponents of necro-economics, Gov. Greg Abbott, is basically begging Texans to stay home for now. The last thing he wants is to be forced to re-close the economy he prematurely opened. This would spell the death of necro-economics and a return to policies that privilege life over capital.

There is more bad news for the markets.

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The Silent Reading Party Is Tonight! With Special Surprises!

Tonights party has a special guest: the celebrated author Garth Greenwell. Plus, theres an extra-special musician tonight.
The celebrated novelist Garth Greenwell will be tonight's special guest. Even special-er, during the hour leading up to the party, I'll be on Zoom with Garth asking him whether he thinks Lindsay Graham is a bottom. ORIETTE D’ANGELO

It's Wednesday, which means the Silent Reading Party is tonight.

But this isn't just any old Silent Reading Party. This is the Pride week Silent Reading Party, so we've planned a very special, very gay evening with several parts—a reading party parfait, if you will—to raise everyone's spirits and to raise money for the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network and for Black and Pink.

If you want to just come to the Silent Reading Party and get some reading like usual, great! One of the people who will be joining you—sitting there reading whatever he feels like reading, to himself, just like you—is the novelist Garth Greenwell (!!). If that name looks familiar to you, it's probably because you've seen it in The New Yorker's fonts over and over again this past year.

But that's not all!

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