“I have worked closely with this company for years.Their knowledge and experience far exceeds other companies.I have witnessed first hand their rodent exclusion and Bee removal work and it is top notch!The technicians are friendly and will take the time to explain how to prevent pests, and educate the customer.When it comes to pest control, mosquito control, knowledge and experience this company is superb. I have also seen their low toxicity approach and it is amazing! I highly recommend them.” — Tony S.

Pest Control Services in Monterey County, California

Keep Control of Your California Property

California is known for many things. You might think of its scenic getaways, its cool cities and maybe even the perfect weather. All of these things make our beautiful state the perfect place to live.

They also make it friendly for pests.

California’s year-round temperate climate is ideal for just about every invasive species imaginable. From rats in the attic to ants in your bathroom, you’ll find that these little friends of ours don’t go away when the seasons change. The only way to get them out of your house is to take extra preventative and protective precautions.

Since 1950, our team has provided the residents of Monterey County with superior pest control services. Our several decades in this business have taught us, among other things, that pest control is serious work. Don’t settle for half-measures here. Get control of your property with our assistance.
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Live Bee Removals
Most insects don’t contribute to the health of our environment. Bees are different. Protect them and your property by hiring us for our live bee removal services. The world needs your bees.

Gophers and Rodents
These small and furry guests aren’t your friends. Keep them away from your garden and goods with our assistance. We’ll make sure that they never bother your home again.

Insect Exterminations
Do you have the equipment to take on an army? Insects come in swarms; you’ll notice them when they arrive. Turn your home into a refuge from ants and roaches alike with our ample services.


  • Ants, Earwigs, Sowbugs and Spiders
  • Gopher and Mole Trapping
  • Live Honey Bee swarm & structural removal
  • Oak and Pine Tree Treatment
  • Organic and Low-Toxic Solutions
  • Residential and Commercial Work


  • California Beekeeper Association
  • NPMA
  • PCOC

Pest Control Operators of California
National Pest Management Association Inc.

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l8dybugz On 06.26.2009
Only woman owned and operated pest management company in Monterey County. Offering low toxic and organic solution to pest problems. Has non toxic Animal and Gopher Control

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